Vendi t-shirts, posters & altri prodotti su Shopify con Hoplix

With Hoplix you can start selling products printed on Shopify now! Start selling more than 100 products, 250 variants with the your design. There are no monthly installation costs, and you do not need to stock. All you have to do is installing the app Plixpod Shopify and work on fantastic projects that set you apart.

HOPLIX - Hoplix Store

Why use Shopify+ Hoplix?

More than 100 products

Your product campaigns are exported to your Shopify store. A perfect solution for Marketers, Designers, Sellers and Business Makers

Automated solution

All custom products and orders are automatically printed and shipped with Shopify App. You won't have to worry about anything

Excellent fulfillment in whitelabel

Fulfillment service will update order status, shipment and tracking code, so your orders will be imported, printed and shipped

How to Create Your Shopify Store with Hoplix

Install Plixpod

The first step is easy: Install the Shopify Plixpod app

Create a Campaign

Create and define the product you choose from different categories and customize it with your own design. Then export the product to your Shopify Store

Import Order

When you receive the order, it will be imported to Hoplix and we will take care of printing and shipping

Track Order

We will keep you updated on the status of your order shipped, complete with shipping codes

Why choose Hoplix

Print, produce and ship your order directly to your customer anywhere in the world with your brand
All you have to do is attract your audience and start your business, earning!

Ship to over 50 countries

Ship your orders in record time and to over 50 countries


No Hoplix logos on products and packaging. Enter your brand freely

Automatic Fulfillment

Your orders will be automatically imported, printed and shipped


Over 150 quality products, with new releases every month

No minimum order

Forget warehouse stocks and waste. We will ship for you every order received

Quality and customer service

In addition to product quality, we offer you a dedicated customer service

That's why so many sellers choose us

A.Kayed | Pod Guru

Hoplix is one of my favorite platforms. Not only for quantity...

G.Garofalo | Pod Master

Hoplix is a solid supplier and great reliability. Thanks to the quality of products,...

C.Panzarea | Pod Expert

I work in the Print on Demand and use Hoplix since she was born, because thank you and this...

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